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Mindful Parenting is a contemplative practice through which our connection to our child, and awareness of our child’s presence, helps us become better grounded in the present moment

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The Mindful Parent is an organization devoted to sharing with parents and other child caregivers ways in which to enhance the many joys of parenting.  By mindfully attending to our children, both when we are physically present with them and when we are physically separated from them, we can enhance our sense of connection to them and, in turn, our connection to the cosmos.  This makes us a better parent, a happier person, and a more vital human being.


To facilitate a more mindful approach to parenting, The Mindful Parent publishes on its website, and in its newsletter, mindful  parenting  verses and commentaries.  The Mindful Parent website also serves as a community forum that encourages and supports a mindful parenting dialogue and the sharing of mindful parenting experiences.


In the spirit of developing a mindful parenting community, we encourage you to submit a mindful parenting verse, commentary, and imagery to share with others.  We believe that through our collective experience, we can help each other develop a deeper and more meaningful mindful parenting practice.  Click here to learn more about making a submission.  We thank everyone who has made a contribution.

Please contact us with your questions about mindful parenting or to share a mindful parenting experience.  The Mindful Parent conducts mindful parenting  workshops and seminars


The Week of December 20, 2009

The Morning   Cup


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The Daily Sip: With Every Step

Today's tip centers on a powerful mindfulness verse that has been modified to apply in the parenting context.  It can be recited many times throughout the day:

          With every step I take

          My child's heart beats  

As the day progresses, we can forget about the marvelous presence of our child in our lives.  The excitement or concerns of the day overwhelm the more subtle awareness of our child that, like a flickering flame, brightens and dims.

Were we able to hold our child more fully in awareness, as we went about the day, deep feelings of joyfulness and aliveness would be enhanced.

This verse can be recited while walking to help you wake up to the beauty of the moment -- whether walking to the office, to an important meeting, into a confrontation, to meet someone for lunch, to the courthouse, in the park, or to your car or onto a bus. 


Whatever you may be doing, you can let your footsteps open awareness to your child by allowing each footfall to echo with your child's heartbeat.  Sense each beat as you place each foot onto the earth. 

Then, allow your expanded awareness to move to your beating heart.  Pause, place your hand on your heart, and smile.