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Mindful Parenting is a contemplative practice through which we become more mindful of our children and, in doing so, experience a more joyful life.
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The Mindful Parent is an organization devoted to sharing with parents and other child caregivers ways in which to enhance the many joys of parenting.  By mindfully attending to our children, both when we are physically present with them and when we are physically separated from them, we can enhance our sense of connection to them and, in turn, our connection to the cosmos.  This makes us a better parent, a happier person, and a more vital human being.
To facilitate a more mindful approach to parenting, The Mindful Parent publishes on its website, and in its newsletter, mindful parenting verses and commentaries.  The Mindful Parent website also serves as a community forum that encourages and supports a mindful parenting dialogue and the sharing of mindful parenting experiences.
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Monday May 9, 2005
The Daily Sip:  Mother's Day and Every Day
This past weekend was Mother's Day.  How often does the thought cross our mind on occasions like this that we should approach everyday with the same sense of celebration and blessedness?  When our awareness so opens, we live and parent from a more compassionate place.  So often it takes a special occasion to awaken us from the mindless routine of our lives.  When that happens, we find ourselves more likely to engage in mindful parenting.  But why must we be jarred into it?
Perhaps you received a Mother's Day card.  Or maybe you gave one.  The card will sit on a shelf for a while or soon be discarded or filed away.  As soon as you are able, find a card (regardless of whether you were giver, receiver, or neither) and, having acquired the necessary permission, cut off a small piece about the size of a penny.  Then, scotch tape it to a quarter and place the quarter in your pocket or purse.  Plan to keep it for a month.
Let each time your finger feels the contour of the coin and card remind you of your child.  Let it also remind you of your mother.  Then, consider for a moment the vast number of people to have held the coin in their hand -- so many parents -- so many children.  Smile at the realization to which the coin awakens you.