Verse Submission Instructions
Thank you for your interest in contributing a verse to The Mindful Parent website.  Submitting a contribution is as easy a sending an e-mail.  The process for developing a verse can be one that fills you with joy.
If you are not familiar with the Mindful Parenting "Verse and Commentary" format, please examine the following example verse or visit the Verses section of the website and examine the layout of any one of the verses contained in this site.  You should observe that a submission consistes of four parts:
     1.  The Title
     2.  The Verse
     3.  The Commentary
     4.  The Image
You are welcome to submit any or all of the above.  If, for example, you submit a title, verse, and a photograph, we will put together a short commentary that we hope touches on the insight and feeling your verse and photo impart. 
Be sure to let us know in the e-mail how you would like to be acknowledged.  A popular request is to identify one's first initial and last name and city and state.  But by all means include as much or little information as you wish.
Create the Verse from within a Mindful Parenting State  
We suggest that you create the verse while in a mindful state.  This means that you might establish for yourself a calm and relaxing mood while bringing into awareness an event or instance when you were partcularly moved by your child's presence in your life.  Or take a moment to jot down a verse that comes to mind during or shortly after you experience such an wonderful event or instance.  Click here for a brief discussion of the joy to be experienced creating and using mindful parenting verses.
There is no criteria for acceptance other than that the submission derives from an open heart.
Please click on the link below to send us an e-mail with your submission.  You may attach an image of any size.  Please note that we reserve the right to crop images and to edit material that is submitted.  If you are wary of such modifications, please let us know of your concerns and we will be sure to honor your wishes before anything is published on the website.  If you wish, you may request that we provide you with a link to view the Verse, Commentary, and/or Photograph to ensure your comfort.
Submission can be made by sending an e-mail to
Click Here to Make a Submission
Click Here to Make a Submission
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