Cleansing The Earth
This meditation uses powerful sensory imagery, especially the tactile, to elevate energy levels both within and beyond yourself .  It brings about a deep sense of cleansing, and even closure.
Pre-meditation instructions.
1.  Relax in a comfortable position, but not one likely to lull you to sleep.
2.  Try to remove yourself from excessive outside noises, but do not feel the need to eliminate them altogether.
3.  If possible, turn down the telephone ringer and e-mail notifier, so that incoming phone calls and e-mail messages will not disrupt the meditation.
4.  Pay attention to your breathing throughout the meditation.  Take a full inhalation through the nose, drawing your breath deep in your belly, and hold it for a second before exhaling deeply.  Then, after exhaling fully, hold again for a second before inhalation.

Sitting comfortably, become more aware of your breathing.  With your eyes open, draw your breath deep into your belly and feel your abdomen expand.  Hold your body still at the moment of full inhalation and wait a few seconds before exhaling.  When you exhale, do so with intention, comfortably working to squeeze the stale air out of your lungs.  Throughout this mediation, when you become aware of your breathing, pay attention, on the inhalation, to your belly, and, on the exhalation, to squeezing out the stale air.


Now, slowly close your eyes.  When your eye lids touch, smile knowing that you are giving yourself this moment of deep relaxation and will begin to feel a deeper connection with your child.  Smile as you inhale.  Smile as you exhale.


Direct your awareness to your hands.  If they are touching, separate them, placing one on each side of your body in a comfortable place.  Breathe air into your body and imagine the air filling your lungs and then moving out to your arms and flowing down to your hands.  As the air reaches the tips of your fingers, feel it bounce against the inside of your finger tips.  Each time you inhale and the air bounces against your finger tips, visualize blue sparks leaping off of your nails.  Take a few moments to slowly breathe and out.  With every inhalation, let the air lightly bounce, always the same light bounce, against the inside of your finger tips. As you sink into greater relaxation, let the blue sparks grow larger and more vibrant.  Your fingers and hand may begin to tingle. That’s okay.    Your fingers and hands are waking up.


Imagine your hands slowly stretching out before you.  Visualize them if you can.  If that is difficult, then sense that they are there in front of you, perhaps there is a linen cloth draped over them. Or maybe, they are just there, though it is difficult to see them.


As you continue to breath, imagine squeezing your hands open and shut several times.  Squeeze them as you exhale, forcing the air out and back through your lungs and outside your body.  Open them as your inhale, with the rush of air filling your lungs and pouring into your hands.  Blue sparks leaping out from your fingers as the air lightly caresses each finger tip.


Now, imagine your child’s hands being placed on top of yours.  You can feel your child’s palms resting on top of your hands.  They are soft and the feeling is subtle.  You want to turn your hands over and hold their hand, but you don’t.  Just breathe in and out as you sense your child’s hands.  At first, blue sparks leave only your fingers and not your child’s.  But soon, you sense blue sparks leaving your child’s fingers as well.


The blue sparks now are being emitted from both yours and your child’s fingers in synchronization.


Now, imagine your child sitting across from you, hands outstretched.  Your fingertips are a few inches apart.  Your hands are tingling and you feel an even greater tingling sensation each time the blue sparks emitted from your child’s fingers touch your finger tips.  At the same time, your blue sparks are touching your child’s fingers. Look into your child’s face and see your child smiling at you. Smile to your child.  Lean forward and wrap your arms around your child.  As your hands settle firmly against your child’s back, release the blue sparks into your child, energizing your child’s body.  At the same time, feel your child’s arms, embracing you, releasing a surge of blue sparks into your body.  The sparks course up and down your spine, filling your heart and other organs with your child’s health-filled energy.  Feel the sparks move into your brain, clearing away any clutter and old baggage you’ve been wanting to release.


Slowly, when you are ready, release your embrace and imagine yourself returning to an upright position. Breathe in and out slowly and imagine you and your child smiling to each other.


Now, sense rubbing your hands together.  Do this slowly at first.  Feel each hand as it rubs against the other.  Notice whether your palms are coarse or soft.  Feel the tingling.  As you do this, your hands begin to glow a deep red and you can sense the glow from within their core.  As you continue to rub your hands together, the red glows brighter and soon you see and feel orange sparks being emitted from them.


As you are doing this, you see that your child is doing the same.  You notice their hands glowing red from within and you see bright orange sparks leaving their hands.


Observe the many bright little orange sparks surrounding your hands and your child’s hands.  The sparks resemble small lightning bolts.


As you visualize or sense you and your child sitting opposite one another, rubbing hands, and you see the orange sparks continually emitted from your hands, begin to pull away from this image and see the black space that surrounds you and your child and flows between you and your child.


As this black space surrounding you continues to grow and you see further and further beyond the two of you, you sense a rubbery membrane at the outer edge of this space.  You cannot move much more than the rubbing motion of your hands and you begin to lean forward, bringing your head and upper torso into contact with your legs.  You see yourself in this crouched position, sitting alongside your child. Your hands are pressed close to your chest as the glowing red of your hands soaks into your chest and your hearts begin to glow red and pulse.


You breathe in an out slowly to the rhythm of your beating hearts.


Now, your focus begins to move again to you and your child as the surrounding black space moves away from the membrane. You come to see only you and your child and black space.  You now see that the black space spreads out endlessly in all directions. As With each inhalation, you see a point of bright white light filling the black space off in the distance.  There are now two . . . . and now three points of light.  They begin to flicker as more and more points of light begin to fill the space all around you. Before you know it, there are points of light all around you and you sense that they exist outward, endlessly in every direction.


You now focus your attention on the black space between you and your child.  You and your child are now each rubbing your hands together as a red glow fills the space where your hands almost touch. Orange sparks surround your fingers and hands.


You see a small blue point of light floating in between you and your child. You shift your perspective as you begin to move closer and close to the blue point, growing into a small orb.  You continue to feel your hands rubbing together.  The blue orb grows larger and larger and you see in this blow sphere emerging patches of green and a swirl of white surrounding it.  As you move closer and closer to the blue orb, you feel the orange sparks flying off in every direction around you.  You can sense soft pin pricks against your face everywhere the orange sparks bounce off your face.  It does not hurt.  As the sparks touch you, you feel energized.


Then, you feel yourself enter a damp, cool, and large white cloud as you continue to approach the blue and green sphere. You feel yourself traveling through to the center of this cloud and then moving out the other side.  As you emerge from the white puff, you see the Earth far below you.  Lightning fills the atmosphere and, for the first time, you begin to hear the crack and rumble of thunder from far away.  It is a continuous sound.


The lightning cleanses the atmosphere as it transforms oxygen into ozone and you begin to smell the fresh scent of the outdoors after a thunderstorm.  With every inhalation, you bring fresh air into your body.  The fresh air fills the atmosphere. You observe the blue and green Earth becoming more and more pristine with every breath.


Slowly, you recede from this close up view of the earth.  You travel back through the clouds as the Earth becomes smaller and smaller to the point it returns to a tiny blue point of light between you and your child.


You look up and see your child smiling at you.  You smile back.


Slowly, you stop rubbing you hands together and reach out to touch your child’s hands.  Perhaps you feel a tiny shock tingle when your hands touch.


Breathing deeply and slowly, open your eyes.


Take a few moments to absorb the sensations of the meditation. 


-- Close of the Meditation.



If you enjoyed this mediation, you may contact The Mindful Parent at and request that a free recording of the mindful parenting meditations be sent to you.  Please include the word "Meditations" in the Subject line of the e-mail.


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