This meditation transcends the evolution of separateness and you no longer feel you and your child as separate entities.
Pre-meditation instructions.
1.  Relax in a comfortable position, but not one likely to lull you to sleep.
2.  Try to remove yourself from excessive outside noises, but do not feel the need to eliminate them altogether.
3.  If possible, turn down the telephone ringer and e-mail notifier, so that incoming phone calls and e-mail messages will not disrupt the meditation.
4.  Pay attention to your breathing throughout the meditation.  Take a full inhalation through the nose, drawing your breath deep in your belly, and hold it for a second before exhaling deeply.  Then, after exhaling fully, hold again for a second before inhalation.
Visualize the moment you first laid eyes on your beautiful child. 

Look deeply into your child’s eyes and smile.

You notice your child looking at you, gazing into your eyes.

You are everything to your child.


Your child smiles.    You smile.


Now imagine yourself lying on your back in a field of green grass.

The sky is deep blue.

And a gentle wind blows. 


Hold your baby in your arms and kiss her.

Place her in your hands and lift her into the air above your chest.

Look at your beautiful child against the blue sky.

Feel the cool breeze flowing around the two of you.

Your child is so light.

You feel as though you could let go and your child would remain floating in the air above you.


Your baby is so much a part of you.  You feel as though you are the same person.

And you know that with every passing day, you separate from your child, little by little.


Look up at your baby.  Sense the desire deep inside both of you to bring your child toward you.  Feel the love driving that desire.  And now, sense an opposing tug, gently pulling your child away from you.

Ponder the source of that gentle tug.  How does it make you feel? 


Now, with awareness of those opposing forces, to bring your child in, and the tug away from you, slowly relax your fingers from around your child’s body and notice that your child floats a few inches from your fingers.

Breathe deeply as you behold your precious child floating in the air.

Your child smiles to you.  Thanks you. You are such a wonderful parent.


In your mind’s eye, close your eyes.

Feel the presence of your child floating above you.  Breathe deeply and sense your exhalation reaching your child.  Your child feels your breath and inhales it.  And as your child exhales, the out-breath slowly flows down to you and you inhale it deep into your lungs.

Engage in this exchange of crisp clean air for a few breaths.


With your eyes still closed, sensing your child’s presence above you, you begin to visualize your child growing up.  Perhaps your child is very young.  Or maybe your child is older.  This meditation will now explore your child’s life on this Earth. When you reach a point that exceeds your child’s age, allow yourself to sense your child beyond that point in time.


Visualize your child taking her first steps?  Can you see your child’s smile?


While your child is talking first steps, bring your awareness back to your child floating above you.  Sense your child’s presence. Breathe in your child’s out-breath.   Your child is always here with you.


Now, imagine your child a little older, blowing out birthday candles.  Count the candles on the cake, tips buried in the frosting.  Visualize the stream of air flowing out of your child’s mouth to the flames dancing on the candles, the delicate wisps of smoke that rise into the air.  Where are those wisps now?  Can you sense their presence out in the cosmos?


Imagine your child riding a bicycle, gliding down a pathway, with no resistance. Observe the pleasure in your child’s smile as your eyes meet.


Can you see your child in school, playing with other children.


And now, turn your attention to the child floating above you, inches from your hands.  You can feel her presence.  Were you to reach out even a little bit, you would touch your child.  But you don’t. You know your child is there.  Your child is always there -- always with you.


Breathing slowly and deeply, visualize your child ready to leave home.  Perhaps your child is heading off to college or is ready to make her own way in the world.  You kiss your child good bye and watch as she walks away, you stand alone in the doorway of your home.  Remember how she was once so young, your little baby. 


Bring your awareness to your beautiful child floating above you.


And now, you see your child as a parent, playing with her child.  Feel the joy of this moment.  The happiness your child feels.  You exchange loving glances with your child.  This moment exists because of you.  The emotion you feel, you feel because of your connection to your child.


Bring your attention to your baby floating above you.  With your next inhalation, breathe in your child’s soft outbreath.  Your child breathes in your outbreath.  Slowly, your child moves toward you a few inches, remaining but a hair’s width from your hands.


Now, imagine your child at a time and place when you no longer live on this Earth.  You have passed on.  Sense your child in motion. Look to your child’s face.  Your child is filled with joy, living fully on this beautiful planet, Earth.  Your child cannot be with you physically anymore.  But your child knows you are there, watching.  Your child feels your love.


Your child has grown very old.  Your child has had a full and wonderful life. You can see her, older than you ever were, moving slowing, laying down in bed.  As your child’s body sinks into the comfortable bed, someone who loves her wraps a blanket around her to keep her warm, and kisses her on the cheek.


Your child smiles and closes her eyes.   Your child feels deep peace.


And now, you feel your child’s body pressing again into your open finger and hands. You open your eyes and see your child, smiling down at you from up in the air.


Your chest aches for your child and you bring her in to you, wrapping your arms around her.  You feel your child’s body rise as you inhale and sink into you as you exhale.


In a few moments, when you exhale again, your child’s body will dissolve into a thousand dazzling stars.


Inhale deeply.  As you begin your exhalation, you feel your child’s body and then feel the open space as gleaming stars float above you.  Bring your arms into your body as the start sink into you, your body absorbing them. You visualize your body as vast open space, filled with galaxies. Filled with the love of your child.  And your love for your child.  One love.


Slowly begin to move and feel your body as this meditation comes to an end.  Breathe deeply.  The image of your newborn baby floating above you is one with which you may find great comfort and a sense of deep connection with your child, throughout your life. Take a moment to reflect on that image and the feelings it evokes. Know that you may return to it anytime.


And know that your connection with your child is as deep today as it was the moment you first laid eyes on your beautiful baby and every glorious day of your child’s life.


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